Litecoin – 33% up

Forget old fashion investment rules in Cryptos. Sometimes you can without any call certificates increase your daily asset by 33 percent within minutes, if you are aware the market movement. Sure, trading software in action.

While it becomes public, that Litecoin is a possible currency WALMART accepts, the Crypto explodes within minutes. But a view minutes later, it becomes public, Walmart denies Litecoin and the Crypto collapses to it’s old value cause the fantasies has gone. Meanwhile it becomes public by Bloomberg, that the news via Globe Newswire wasn’t authentic.

For digital natives and wild Crypto investors this is a daily business. It’s always a wild ride, far away of substantial parameters. Some guys are talking about manipulating the market, but it’s just the news impact. Ether the news are hoax or not. If you like this wild ride and having the strength of „HODL“, it’s a lot of fun, to be a Crypto investor … still.

But, … Blockchain is a future digital solution that creates real value by making transactions super fast, cheap and secure. Time will arrive, cryptos become part of our daily life. Pain will go and the society will realize the value of Crypto innovations. We are just in the beginning of a bright digital future and Blockchain will become more and more important.

Bloomberg: „Globe Newswire released a statement at 9:30 a.m. in New York saying that the world’s largest retailer had agreed to partner with Litecoin and accept the cryptocurrency as payment. Litecoin had soared as much as 33% on the announcement, with other cryptocurrencies gaining as well. It pared most of the gain.“

Don’t wast your time by searching the news at Global Newswire as source, cause it’s erased.

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