„Clicks“ means NOTHING!

Are you are click-seeker? Do you love LIKES? Some of you produce so much content, so sorry, that is irrelevant for mankind. On the other hand, we see super heroes like Ugur Sahin (CEO of BionTech) and he gets only a view clicks on his message, that is more important than all the shitty stuff, we share day by day.

One of us – normal

Ugur is „one of us“ I thought, while I saw the interview with him. Just have a look on his living room. It’s not the kind of „I live in one of the best places in the world“ nor „look, what stunning live I have“. Ugur is so brilliant, but still „one of us“ – the normal people like me and may be you (if you are normal as well).

Scale up the business by factor 300.000 – possible?

… within weeks to months, not within years. It sound really impossible. If we are talking about Mission Impossible, here you will find it, at BionTech. Ugur and his entire team are super heroes, because they did not only invented the solution for mankind, but scaled up the business in speed of light. That is unthinkable, but they did it.

Value in the BionTech shares?

OK, BionTech invented the most effective Vaccine against Covid 19, but the idea behind is producing vaccines for cancer and we all know, overcoming cancer is one of the real needs of our society, the mankind. I bought BionTech at the value of 50 US$. Today it’s app. 160 US$ all time high and I think, this is just the beginning. A company that realizes a scale up of factor 300.000, I do not see any reason for mismanagement. This is a substantial investment.

See this stunning normal interview with Ugur

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