100 AI-Companies bought by Apple

Apple bought approx. 100 AI companies within the past 6 years, Tim Cook said. GlobalData published a report, Apple leads over the Big Techs Facebook, Microsoft, Google or Accenture in acquiring artificial intelligence expert companies. From 2016 to 2020 GlobalData count 25 specific acquisitions by Apple.

AI is in focus of relevance

The question is, why loves everybody to shop AI experts? Machine learning is the magic of tomorrow. Look, yesterday everybody was happy the control a company or customer behavior by knowing the paths of human beings and see the numbers in the system. Today we love to drill down in specific details and the future is prediction more precise than ever before. Either a customer or an the behavior of an enterprise is most important to generate cash in the future. So, develop or acquire.

Siri, Alexa and also your Car …

When I enter my Car, I start the engine and usually after an appointment or a trip outside my hometown I say: „Hey BMW, bring me home“ and the Car is friendly by saying: „Yes, at home it’s the best place.“ After that, the navigation starts the route to my home. And yes, I trust the car 100%. Sometime I have fun with other guests in my car while I say: „Hey BMW, tell a joke“ and the car starts to tell jokes. Sounds easy, but it’s based on a practical solution of AI. The Engine understands human commands and very simply, the car does what I want. OK, telling jokes is sometimes nonsense, but bring my home, ist very userful.

Apple and the other Techs are in love to AI. It’s not for fun. It is strong necessary generating cash by forecasting human behavior or interpret the human commands in a way, that humans benefits from.