Pure Passion

Hey Guys, no time to read a short story about passion because the information overkill? OK, just one minute to read.

Passion rules!

What happens with your brain, your body and your focus, if you see something/one that you really desire? OMG, full stop of business as usual. Come on, you know, what I mean. Do you? What is the scene in your head? The movie? It captures you, right?

Passion for Business

„One step backwards, please. Less emotional, cause we are in business.“ If you hear that sound, be sure, business is gone. Passion is mandatory for digital innovations. It’s full of dreams, thinking the impossible and make it happen.

Passion for Customer

Everybody is chanting the sound of „Customer first“ but only a few are in championship position like amazon, Microsoft or Apple. All of these businesses are fully loaded with passion for customers. I never remember a bad deal with amazon from the customer site. What ever happens, they satisfy the customer. What ever happens!

Business needs you … as a human being in an world of machines

You want to be different? Having a personal USP? It comes from the ground of your heart. It’s passion. If you don’t have the fire of passion for your customer, you are just one of thousands, not less, not more, but not the one your customer really loves. Experience? Sure. Mandatory. Professionalism? Also sure. Mandatory. Passion? Yepp, as well. Mandatory. Be a driver in the business transformation process. Deliver awesome solutions, go the extra mile, engage, believe and you will win.

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Dipl.-Kfm. Harry Wessling ist Berater/Experte für digitale Transformation, CRM/CX/CJ, Projekt- und Change Management - EY-Alumnus & Bestseller-Autor. Seit über 25 Jahren hilft er Entscheidern in ihren strategischen und operativen Herausforderungen als Berater. Expertisen: Digitalisierung & Innovationen, clevere Formate zu Empowering, Advisory in Digitalisierung & KI, CRM-Plattformauswahl, belastbare Transformation und operatives Change Management in Unternehmen und handfeste Handlungsempfehlungen zur Performance-Steigerung in der Marktbearbeitung. Berufliche Stationen: Ernst & Young, Capgemini Ernst & Young, Axcepting GmbH, ec4u expert consulting ag/DIGITALL und WTS Digital. Projekte/Kunden: AMEX, Aral, Abus, aquaprintt, Bodenschlägel, Commerzbank, dwp bank, Daimler, Diakonie, E.ON, HELABA, Hewlett Packartd, Kalthoff, Klosterfrau, LBBW, Linde, Leopoldiner Akademie der Wissenschaften, Lufthansa, Endress+Hauser, Horváth, KPMG, Logica, MAN, Prokon, RWE, Sennheiser, SWR/ARD, Sell Interiors, University International, Union Investment, UPONOR, Viessmann, Siemens, Wilhelm Steinberg Pianos, Zodiac Aerospace