Salesforce bought Slack for Billions of US Dollars. Today Salesforce executes and operates the Dreamforce, a digital community format and as I can see with app. 30.000 attendees. But let me share my impression of that. I saw this dancing bear in front of my screen, down in my office, at home. I began to smile, because Marc Benioff, talking about the single source of truth, before showing the program of help Salesforce initiated.

Isn’t it fantastic to see a CEO in this dress? Self confidence. Asking a colleague why we wear shiny white collars. „Cause the impression management“, he said, no wrote cause we are chatting while I attend at Dreamforce. He in the south of Germany and me in the West. 

So, what’s the story?

Marc founded and drives a tremendous business, naturally, trustworthily, credible. You know, TRUST is one of the core values of Salesforce. A Dollar collecting company. Think about the culture. TRUST. Asking myself, what is the most important core value in an information driven world. Speed? Efficiency? EBIT? What’s first? What cause and what effect? 

Do you trust in …?

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Dipl.-Kfm. Harry Wessling ist Experte für Digitale Transformation, Customer Experience, CRM-Plattformauswahl und Methoden wie Design Thinking, Process Mining und andere Innovationsformate. STEVE JOBS' AGENDA mit weit über 300.000 Exemplaren ist einer seiner Bestseller-Bücher. Sein Handwerk lernte er bei Ernst & Young. Heute ist er als Advisor bei ec4u expert consulting ag für Unternehmen aus verschiedenen Branchen tätig, wie Banking, Telekommunikation, Produktion, Luftfahrt und andere.